Kafeneo By The Business Fashion



We introduce to you our concept coffee shop "Kafeneo by The Business Fashion" open Monday to Friday. We offer a considered collection of luxury food and drinks, from Mariage Frères a gourmet French tea company to hand made gelato, and much more. We offer a house blend of Allpress Espresso coffee, made with speciality grade arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra.



Hand carved from the Italian travertine mountains of Tuscany these statues were crafted in the town that Michelangelo went almost 500 years ago to work and learn the art of sculpture. We had these specially made for the Kafeneo and being a focal point in our store we decided to have Greek Godess Athena, and the Caryatid's greeting you as you enter this incredible space. We feel the environment is just as important as the products we sell, creating a truly unique experience for everyone that visits.










Opening times 
Monday to Friday 10am - 4.45pm 
360 Welford Road, Le2 6ej, Leicester