A Closer Look at Maharishi SS16

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Maharishi SS16 Mens Morph Cycle an inspired collection of clothing worn by devotees within religious orders around the world, from robes to capes they all get the true maharishi treatment of military camouflage prints and the use of technical fabrics.
The use of Recycled Military Surplus remains for SS16. A tradition that has stuck since 1994. This season we see the use of Swedish military snow camo tarpaulins backed with vintage U.S.Army parachute silk.
A brand that is always at the forefront of the latest apparel technology Maharishi have included surprisingly soft nylons and Framis seam sealing tapes within this collection mixed with their traditional use of hemp and organic cottons.
The collection includes pants, sweatshirts and tees alongside the return of DPM camo all of which is fully reversible. 
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